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Behold the fountain of youth that is a baseball-free selection of Wii Sports fitness tests! I’m 30 again! It feels like just six weeks ago that I really was 30…


So I go for surgery a week from tomorrow, and everything about it is just making me tired. That, and Wii Sports, which is much more physically demanding than a video game has a right to be. In addition to playing the games and training in specific skills, you can take a daily “Fitness Test” [...]

Laser? I hardly even OMG GROSS but hey awesome

On Friday I took Aaron to get LASIK eye surgery, something he’s been saving and psyching up for for several years. His eyes aren’t (weren’t) super bad, but he does (did) need glasses for astigmatism, and can’t tolerate contacts. So instead of putting something irritating in his eyes every day to replace glasses, he decided [...]

Potential but improbable rut-buster

As a few of you know, my first blog was an idea that came to me at 2 a.m. during a giddy insomniatic fury while I was living in Istanbul in a deep depression in 2003. It was not remotely as brilliant the next morning, more like eye-rollingly silly. But they had some good times, [...]

The tide’s gonna turn, and it’s all gonna roll your way

I was in the elevator this morning with a real dude of a guy, leather jacket, sunglasses, the whole bit. He was messing around with his iPod, and the music bled right out of his headphones. He clicked around from song to song, all of them “rocking” in some way or another, usually badly, but [...]

Don’t worry, she’s just going on vacation to a nice farm

Per the suggestion in the hospital’s nice little “before your surgery” handbook, I just placed an order for an elevated toilet seat and rubber-footed shower chair so that I can maintain some level of personal hygiene during my recovery. Before I could access the website, I had to check a little box and certify that [...]