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Would it be cool or uncool to have no face?

As fictional characters go,The Question is one of my all-time favorites, because there are few things hotter than an obsessive-compulsive, literally faceless conspiracy theorist who does yoga and hums boy-band tunes while breaking down doors. Also, he lives by the mantra that, to paraphrase, questions are the answers to life and shouldn’t be feared just [...]

We had to go uphill in the snow both ways, but at least we had Doc Martens

So I was talking to John Flansburgh the other day–yeah you know, me and They Might Be Giants, chattin it up every Tuesday at our bowling league… no really I was interviewing him–and he said something that instantly made me feel older and lamer than I thought possible for at least another 15 years. To [...]

Sometimes people don’t completely suck

This clip of San Diego’s Republican mayor publicly reversing his position on gay marriage is pretty much making me cry my head off at my desk right now. Amazing.

Schadenfreude at an all-time high

This just made my goddam day. The only thing that could top it would be a ranchero ballad from Carlos Mencia.

Pretty pretty ponies

I don’t post announcements every time I get something published, but this has been a relatively prolific month for me in terms of stories that include pretty pictures that take up a lot of space. So, if you care about any of these people/things whatsoever, please to enjoy this cover story Q&A with Melissa Etheridge, [...]

Casual racism among highly educated minorities is hilarious

Note: While the following conversation occurred, I was lying face-down on a table in the middle of a fluorescent-lit room full of screamy machines while the speakers in question were sticking long, steroid-laced needles into my bare ass. Japanese orthopedic surgeon: Dr. Abrams*, aren’t you going to be out on Friday next week for Rosh [...]

Memphis Nashville Blues

Pardon the dead air around here, but a certain country superstar has set up a tailgate bash in a few dozen pages of my magazine and therefore my life. My schmaltzy pun headline writing skills have never been so thoroughly tested. Hope you had a lovely weekend.