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It makes me feel so fine I can’t control my brain

There are few edible objects I enjoy so thoroughly as Indian food, but I’m starting to think that the coriander or the purity of the umami or something makes me temporarily batshit crazy. It started with a perfectly marvelous aloo bhel puri at Bombay Eats near Times Square, and by 5am, Doctor Doom was sneaking [...]


In theory, forcing people to watch videos of your pets is quite high on the scale of obnoxious. But 2007 is Year of the Cat Video, so I feel justified until the trend dies, and probably a bit after. Anyway, this one is only 30 seconds long, and after we caught this on tape the [...]

Tokin’ in Hoboken

How funny you think this is will have a lot to do with your position on feminist MCs and New Jersey pride. So I dug it huge, natch.

News you can use

A press release with this subject line just came into my inbox: OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM DARYL HALL ABOUT GEORGE BUSH AND LYME DISEASE You don’t need to read the rest.

My other brother Darryl

This morning’s 5-second dream in its entirety: Mos Def enters the set for a cameo appearance on Newhart, and Bob looks up from the desk and says “M-M-os D-Def.”


I kind of feel like I’ve had 17 things to write about in the past week, but have instantly forgotten each one, and if there’s anything that will keep me from being able to make funny shit up, it’s this beef stew weather we’re having. And also the fact that I am highly inconsistent where [...]