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I just listened to a phone conversation between the guy sitting behind me and the guy sitting in the cube in front of me. That is even more bizarre than you might think it would be.


There are a lot of unhealthy, poisonous, tainted things in this world, some of which can make you sick when you eat them. But this usually involves a certain amount of assumed risk– any food that was once living flesh, undated dairy products, Special #1 Chinese/Italian/American Buffet, they all carry a known potential that you [...]


So I did in fact manage to get and finish HP7 without learning anything in advance, and it was excellent and riveting and almost totally satisfying with a few exceptions (the Epilogue is crap, FYI), and now I’m having a touch of day-after-Christmas depression but it will pass. Trying to get the book on Friday [...]


Just a heads up that I will not be turning on my computer or leaving my house between now and Friday night, because some COLOSSAL DOUCHESACK scanned and uploaded all 759 pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I am paralyzed with fear by the threat of leaked information. If absolutely necessary, I [...]

Stealin’ and Rhymin’, Bitchin’ and Whinin’

I’ve been very surly for the past few days due to a sparkly new flare up of my back problem, and the discovery that the aggressive steroid treatment I’m trying does not seem to be doing hooey. My batting average is steadily climbing though, so that’s good. I am however somewhat happier in my pain [...]

From the Oral Annals

I’ve decided that’s what I’m going to name my first book. I don’t care what the actual topic is, as long as that’s the title.

So I have this thing here called a ‘wheel,’ it will blow your mind

I know it’s Fourth of July, and fireworks come in such pretty packages, but the erratic, amateur bottle-rocketing that has been taken up by a good half-dozen of my neighbors is less than wow-worthy. Also, some of it started on Puerto Rico Day and hasn’t really stopped, so I have my doubts about the patriotism [...]

There is a light, and it has apparently gone out

I’ve been resisting the urge for a while to write an idiot fangirl essay about Morrissey, and I’m glad I have, because the prince of gleeful darkness has an alleged throat infection and is canceling tour dates left and right, including the show I had tickets for this Friday. They don’t even know if he’ll [...]

Happy birthday, motherfucker

You don’t look a day over 227. I’m spending my day off ripping all of my CDs to my computer and inexplicably tearing up at reruns of The Biggest Loser. I hope your flag cake is delicious!

Easy Monday morning yuk yuk

London – Seven terrorism suspects, said to include two medical doctors, were being held in Britain Monday in a fast-moving operation to track down the perpetrators of three attempted car bombings in London and Glasgow at the end of last week. The arrest Monday of two men in Paisley, near Glasgow, brought to seven the [...]