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Northern Aggression

I am sick as fuck and my narrative mode is sort of in the shitter right now, so I’m just going to get all capsuly and crap re: our trip to the Carolinas. Cough, sniffle. It is a fairly standard joke/truism that when middle-Americans visit New York City, they still go to Applebee’s and the [...]

i maded a LOLsheeps

Bronx Zoo, Sunday 6/17.

Lazy, lazy fashion secrets

While I wait for my Photoshop to take its meds and stop corrupting my vacation pictures, I thought I’d introduce a new segment where I share tips for people like myself who appreciate the concept of trying to look cute but lack the mental energy/tolerance of discomfort/cash flow/morning consciousness/slammin bod to do so. In this [...]


I was just writing about vacation, but had to stop because I just found out that WE WON FOR REALS FOR GOOD IN MASSACHUSETTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo to Nikki, who gave me the news, remembering this. I’m starting to cry at work. Crap.

How y’all durn?

Ok, I’m back, but totally burning up on re-entry after a week with no internet and scant phone service, so my eyeballs are falling out. Gimme a day or so, and I might even include pictures of Bob Jones University.


I have like zero free minutes to even write this, because we’re leaving in the morning for a week in an adorable ivy-covered cottage in the hills of North Carolina, where I will not even have my computer omigod. So yeah, sorry that’s all I got, but perhaps when I get back I will be [...]