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How to know you are not a complete asshole, or maybe you’re just crazy

As I left the gym this morning, a nice older man stepped aside and held the door open for me. I gave him a cheery thank you, but then suddenly wondered if it had been caught in a pocket of dead space because I barely heard myself. I passed through, and a few seconds later [...]

Oh hai

What’s UP? I’ve been incredibly busy. For example, right now I am in profound contemplation of the lobster rolls at Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square, where I will be on Sunday evening for the first time since my moving-to-NYC farewell feast in 2005. I’ve been busy with other more productive things as well, but at [...]

When the flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman started to melt

I was going to say that all I could think to write today were strings of unrelated Smiths lyrics, and then I saw this, and now all I can think to write is HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Git that ass off the flo’

I really do hope that some time, at some point in the past, I said to someone “dude, if I ever blog about anything like home renovations, put some staples in me somewhere painful.” But even that solid philosophy can’t change the fact that I can’t stop staring at my bathroom floor, because OMG I [...]


*Last night I recorded some backing vocals (actually, it was the word “wading” approximately 700 times) for my friend/coworker Katie, which was superfun because I haven’t been into the studio in a while. The first time I asked her what kind of music she played, she said Spanish death metal, but that happily (and sort [...]

Stupid stupid stupid stupid

I did it again, dudes. I completely forgot that yesterday was the fifth annual National Adjective Day, which I know is important, sacred, or mildly amusing to maybe two or three of you. Eternal praise and thanks to Srah, who has taken up the mantle where I dropped it with careless disgrace. Anyway, to demonstrate [...]

Nom nom nom

That’s the sound a cat thinks in its head while it’s eating. My brainz is borked you guys. Also, I need a good headline about Enrique Iglesias, if you got any.