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It’s 2:22 a.m., and I’ve just finished my final essay for my final master’s degree ever. In honor of this occasion, I will now post the lyrics to “Cock Mobster” by MC Paul Barman. [Verse 1] Whoever thought Paul Barman would change the game? I started rhyming when the radio was unbearably lame Rappaz R. [...]

Michael Jackson is not pleased… er wait

I just got home from four days of jury duty on a child sexual abuse trial, where after four and a half hours of shouting at each other, we had to acquit for lack of evidence. So needless to say I’m grouchy, and drained, and haven’t gotten my essay done by my self-imposed deadline, and [...]

Am you Bizarro’s mommy?

Contrary to what would make sense with me having a job now and everything, I am not actually done with grad school. I have a very long critical essay to write between now and Friday*, and it is giving me hives and night terrors and severe retardation, because it is the only thing standing between [...]

More brushes with fame

Well, sort of anyway. Yet another article has been written about Sarah Brown’s Cringe, this time in the L.A. Times, and this time with several longish quotes from Aaron (I only let him get in a brief comment in my article, because, well, duh). This latest story got a lot of space, which is good, [...]


For a while now, I’ve been investigating* a theory that Uma Thurman exists in her own benevolent pocket dimension that is everywhere at once, accessible to anyone who may benefit from her presence. If a magazine publishes a story about a popular-yet-down-to-earth-and-reasonably-priced spa in New York, a defining characteristic will be that Uma gets her [...]

Spontaneity has its time and its place

On Friday night, I had a gig on Long Island with a band that I occasionally sing backup for. Believe it or not, a bar in the middle of Long Island is not the hip social mecca you might expect. No really. Anyway, the opening band was a group of late-30s dudes, trying to sound [...]

Crisis averted

For those of you (Mom) who use Internet Explorer and pointed out/bitched that some of my link colors were fucky, all is now well because I am super smart. Carry on. Update: Er… ok I kind of messed other stuff up. Please hold.


I thought I was feeling lazy and frugal enough today to be satisfied with my yogurt, apple and apple sauce (what?), but one of my pregnant college roommates (there are three) emailed me about a Little Debbie Nutty Bar craving, which made me think of my junior high school cafeteria, which made me think about [...]

Oh and also

O M G. Dying.

Next year in Oakland

Meeting blog friends in real life is so 2004, at least for me, but it’s taken that long to get in the same room with Greg-Aplenty Howard, one of my original cohort of reciprocal linkers from back when I was a crazy (but funnier) person. He conveniently had a business trip in NYC, so Sarah [...]