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Fight the Power, or not

I can’t lie, this is definitely up there as pretty much my favorite interview ever. No offense to Marky Ramone and his lady. Also, I did my taxes today, and thanks to my $87,000 student loan debt, I’m getting $2,000 back. Yeah that’s right, eat it Whitey!

The Murph

So I got home from work on Monday, that being my first day of a full-time job in almost two years, and you know what was there? JURY DUTY. Hudson County had two years to exploit my grad student/freelancer/midday aimless wandering status, but that would not have inconvenienced me adequately. Also, in the three prior [...]

On a scale of one to ten…

…how lame is it that when I was given a package of articles to edit this morning on Berlin, I felt a twinge of disappointment when I discovered it was the city and not the 80s band?

I can has kidney failure?

If you have a pet, there’s a huge recall of wet cat and dog food that is killing pets or making them very sick. Luckily I’m a cheap bitch and rarely give my babies wet food (although I have some cans on the list that I’ll be chucking). There are details and links to food [...]

Oof ya

‘Oof ya’* is a Turkish expression that is simultaneously the most useful and most annoying phrase on Earth. It basically means any combination of the sentiments “I’m annoyed”; “That sucks”; “You’re shitting me”; “I really fucking don’t want to do what that person just asked me to do, even if he/she is my boss and [...]


I don’t have anything else to say, because a freelance project is eating my brain. Chomp chomp chomp. I’ll see you all later. Chomp.


I have some good news to report, other than the fact that I fixed my image problems (the ones in the blog anyway), making this, when all is said and done, the most painfree site migration in my four years of wraslin with content management systems. Anyway, after two years of grad schooling, freelancing, part-timing, [...]

As I mentioned in the little note…

…I moved my blog to Word Press, and now, as you can see, all the images in posts are missing. Word Press links to some tutorial on how to fix that, but that tutorial is riddled with links to other tutorials and programs I need to download and really life is way too short for [...]