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Little note

Movable Type is driving me bananas so I’m thinking about spending a few stupid hours in the next few days to switch to WordPress. i.e., if you visit this week and stuff’s fucked up, don’t freak out. Like you would.

A Sunday shill

As some of you know, one of my many funny-shaped hats is being the editorial assistant/webmaster for political author and Salon/Observer columnist Joe Conason. He released his fourth (I think) book this week, It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush, which I highly recommend buying. Not that I’ve read my copy [...]

Farewell, meat

Like most godless hippies, I’m usually completely unaffected by the first day of the lenten season, except of course for the urge to tell people that they’ve got a little bit of schmutz on their head, there. But I must have gotten some kind of psychic Fat Tuesday fall out this year, because I had [...]

I Love the 2004s

I know that every few months I come here and write something to the effect of “gee, I’m really sorry I’ve been posting nothing but piddly crap lately, I was so much better at the blogging thing back when it was my only creative outlet but now that I write for a living which is [...]

Boingburg, plopulation 100

Ok, back to work.

Pull my– I mean cross your fingers

I know this is entirely annoying, but I just need a few extra fingers crossed on my behalf over the next 24 hours or so. I’ll fill you in when appropriate, but just, you know, if you don’t have anything else to do. Thanks, man.

I wish I could get ‘Candle in the Wind’ out of my head

Wow, what a fucking 24 hours, huh? It’s like the end of an era that really needed to end, but that no one actually ever expected to. Who would have guessed things to go so far? Hopefully, the sense of shock and craziness will die down in a few weeks. But for now, damn– I [...]

War of the Worlds redux

Not long after I got into work this morning, the police radio that’s always on in the newsroom started going berzerk. There had been a shooting at a local school, a cop was down, and we heard the word “hostages” through the chaos. It was extra confusing because the exact location couldn’t be deciphered, and [...]


… to quote on today’s announcement of HP7′s release date (July 21). Frankly, I’m already having a nervous breakdown about how ruthlessly the book is going to break my heart in so many ways, but at least I know, pitifully, that I’m not alone. Sigh. In other news, I’m sitting in a Starbucks in [...]