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They do have the lovely harmonies in common

Sweetest mp3 player track transition of the week: Beach Boys, Pet Sounds, “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)” –> Toni! Tony! Tone!, The Revival, “Don’t Talk About Me”. Also, I will never stop loving the fact that OMD recorded a dance song about the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. When I [...]

“The biggest problem is razor burn,” said Stormy Daniels

I hereby declare this article to be the all-time most ridculous New York Times attempt to maintain their strict style rules. Determine if you can the topic of the piece from this excerpt: The studios said their experience using the technology gives them an advantage in understanding how to cope with the mixed blessing of [...]

Do yourself a favor…

Yesterday I had lunch with the lovely and talented Christy “Maver” Maver, whom a few of you will remember from college, or possibly from this. I think I bought that leather jacket for like 60% off at the Gap, which when you think about it, also serves as an excellent metaphor for the band. Anyway, [...]

Who is this ‘Jack Bauer’ person?

I kid, I did watch the second season. But given how many times it’s been plugged during this weekend’s football broadcasts, you’d think the upcoming season premiere of “24″ was going to decide which teams are going to the Super Bowl. I just added paprika to my tuna salad, and I highly recommend it. Also, [...]

Sting… and his fucking lute

For those of you who typically come here through Sarah Brown’s link, which gives me the only sliver of credibility I have, this will be redundant. But shiver me timbers, John Oliver of the Daily Show showed up at the Cringe reading last night, just hangin with a friend who’d moved into the neighborhood. Apparently [...]

Oh my my

Ok, it’s now a full work week into the new year, and I’ve been sitting on my ass for the past three hours, so any excuses I might have for not writing are no longer valid. Except for maybe the one where I just started Bikram yoga, and can’t really move for about six hours [...]