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Snorlax fucking owns

Holy crap.* *This is pants-pissing no matter who you are, but if you have ever been to my house, you’ll understand why this nearly killed me.

I would have titled this “Running through the halls of my high school and screaming at the top of my lungs” if it wouldn’t have been the second John Mayer reference in one week, and God help me

I got a MySpace message today from a guy I went to high school with, and hadn’t spoken to since about 8th grade, who was searching for the phone numbers of two of our classmates. I can only guess he must have MySpaced everyone in our graduating class that he vaguely recognized, because there are [...]

More “what is the deal with…” blabbery

I just got a holiday party invite in which the host’s directions included the helpful information that “ours is an ochre-colored brownstone.” Also, red wine is not allowed due to the risk of spillage. This is going to be a rager.

You took my heart and ate it like a ham on rye

Oh! I forgot to mention that Sarah B.’s Cringe pilot taping was a smashing success, and I was so proud of my little John Mayer, whose lovesick teenage Dylan-ripoff tune was a showstopper. Especially the part where he says “I wish I could tell you what’s in my hand.” That stopped the show for a [...]

Social activism lives on

If, and I know this is a big if, any of you who read this site are as upset about the A’s moving to Fremont as Aaron is, this video “F*&# the Fremont A’s, I’m Ghostriding My Volvo” might make you feel marginally better.

Hi, I’m six

I was sitting at my dining room table earlier tonight, feeling extremely ornery about the work I have to catch up on, when suddenly every muscle in my body hurt, and within 10 minutes I had a 101 degree fever. I was soon convulsing with chills and having a temper tantrum. This is totally little-kid [...]

It’s like a bad hair day, only with saggier jowls

I’m having what I’ve decided I can really only describe as a Joe Lieberman day. Basically, I woke up this morning feeling paranoid and pessimistic with a face that inexplicably feels like it’s made of sand-filled deflated balloons. I stayed out last night later than normal with a prof and some classmates, only to wait [...]

Bits and bobs, several of which are inappropriately unrelated

- Ellen Willis’s obituary is here, making me that much more dismayed that I only had the chance to know her for a year. – Not to downplay yesterday’s very sad events, but for evidence that there is indeed more than one kind of tragedy, I submit the music video from the new Broadway adaptation [...]

Sad news for good news

I woke up this morning to the news that the director of my graduate program, the amazing cultural journalist Ellen Willis, passed away this morning from lung cancer. About an hour later, I heard the announcement that Ed Bradley has died of leukemia. This was all about 12 hours after I read a Dr. Strange [...]

Don’t, stop, thinkin’ about tomorrow…

It’s kind of retarded that my generation will forever associate that goofy Fleetwood Mac song with political optimism, but what can you do. That Clinton’s a sorcerer. Anyway, I’m sure I don’t need to go into a discussion of last night’s cautious joy, although I’m sure we can all bust out a few macaca jokes [...]