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I Palindrome I

If I had any shame for holding onto a sliver of my 8 year-old Weird Al worship, this has smashed that shame entirely. I bow at the earth before him.

Couple things:

1) I totally just talked on the phone with Flavor Flav, and it was every bit as fucking rad as you would imagine. Tip: Don’t EVER spell it F-L-A-V-A. 2) I published this last week — it’s not exactly WMDs, but still something in its own tiny little way. I know that the gentlemen mentioned [...]

A birthday is a doodlie-doo

I turned 30 today. Five minutes before I left the house for work, I realized I’d subconsciously dressed like a 15 year-old. So I changed, into about 23. It’s raining, and no one here knows it’s my birthday, so I’m just killing time until tonight when I get my Cookie-Puss.

Facing the Packers… no, wait, that’s a different movie

For proof that I do in fact do a few other things besides ignore this website and get my hair dyed funny, visit the Revealer, a daily review of religion and the press, where I wrote today’s lead story on the new Jesus-loves-football movie Facing the Giants. The column is fairly innocuous, but the Revealer [...]

Any 80s cartoon rock bands need a bass player?

I had an interesting hair event yesterday. My natural color at this point in my life is sort of dirty strawberry blond, so I tend to try to make it a cleaner, happier version of a similar color. I went to a new place yesterday that I’d heard good things about, and after a very [...]


I’m having a little of it right now. Just being honest. I’ll share when appropriate.