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My baby’s a stah!

My cat Pokey is having his 15 minutes this week (75 in cat minutes… or is it 2 1/2?) as a featured “Aw” on’s Video Dog. Ok maybe it does help to know people who work there, but Salon does have quite high standards for adorableness, and they came to me for the clip. [...]

The traditional gift is wood, I believe

I have no intention of discussing how much our world has changed in the past 5 years, or reflecting on what I was doing that morning, or baking a flag cake, or whatever. I already went to the WTC site last night, and boy were there a lot of tourists. Actually, I was going to [...]


I am spending Labor Day like I spend most holidays, laid up with a bitch of a cold. School starts on Wednesday, and I now have to actually go out of the house to work two days a week, so the timing is just about perfect. I thought I had a funny story to tell, [...]