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Too good for YouTube

I’ve had a sort of specrapular week, but I am buoyed by the knowledge that I have the most awesomest babycat in the whole entire solar system, Pluto included. Go here, and click the link that says “high-fives.”

Southern Discomfort

I’m heading up to Boston this weekend for the quarterly gathering of the Hostess Underground, a not-so-secret society of lovely ladies who appreciate the poetic nuance of a carefully chosen cocktail. I haven’t been able to attend one since the well-populated late-50s-afterparty-a-la-Far From Heaven-themed soire of fall 2004, so for this one I went so [...]


Several weeks ago, I accepted an internship that I have been greatly looking forward to starting next week. Earlier today, I was informed that the person who offered me the job is no longer with the company. Had I been following the media news, I would have known that the individual in question was “laid [...]

I could do without the smooth jazz, though…

You know how when you go into Starbucks and there are those people working diligently on their laptops, and you’re like “who do they think they are, fricking Sarah Jessica Parker or something? Get a real job, douche.” What you may not realize, though, is that the neutral-colored backdrop of identical yuppies/hipsters actually encourages concentration, [...]

Oh yeah…

If you want to see the Nightline segment on the Cringe reading, it’s here (just wait for the little ad for Wal-Mart or Tidy Cat or whatever to finish, and the segment will start). I’m not one of the readers, but I am the Laffy McLaugherson on screen a little less than 2 minutes into [...]

St. Elsewhere

Instead of feeling guilty about not spending enough time writing here, I figured I’d just double-dip and put up what I have been spending time writing. They’re not nearly as interesting as Eazy-E lyrics, but in case you’re bored, here are my last three pieces. And yes I’m still straight, just not narrow. Or whatever.


I was riding the subway the other day, and being that I am between 18 and 34, was listening to my mp3 player (yes I said mp3 player not iPod, I support affirmative action). It was on shuffle, and because it has a teeny tiny little hard drive, has an abnormally lengthy gap between songs. [...]

The Revival

The weather is finally awesome, I’ve had three interesting job offers in the past week, and I am totally listening to Tony! Toni! Tone!’s 1990 record that I just now really downloaded on purpose. They’re ready to go all the way, in case you were wondering.

Happiness is a warm pun

I have a few mildly interesting items to report, but for some stupid reason I’m just too fucking busy. So for now I’ll just express my delerious excitement about this event tomorrow, which is going to blow my mind. Mock all you want, but in 12 and a half hours I am going to be [...]

It would’ve been better with Koppel

**Update: the segment described below will air sometime next week, not tomorrow, but I’m still giving the heads up. Stay tuned.** On the off chance you stay home on Friday nights to take a few hits of news, tune in to ABC’s Nightline tomorrow at 11:30pm for a segment on last night’s Cringe Reading*, hosted [...]