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Tip of the Week

If you are out of bleu cheese dressing, you can in fact still enjoy your vegetarian buffalo wings, apple sauce makes a surprisingly refreshing substitute. That’s all I got today.

Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzt. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt.

Pardon the slackage, I’m busy as a little bee right now, reporting my stinger off till the witching hour every night in order to revise those articles from last semester that I thought I had chucked off my shoulders a few weeks ago. I’ve been granted the “option” to make extensive edits so that one [...]

Pretty pretties are pretty!

Fitting with the fact that I only joined MySpace about a month ago, I just now finally set up an account on Flickr. I’ve posted photos from the Famous Hall of Fame Haul, noting that there aren’t any pictures of any halls of fame whatsoever, because you can’t take pictures there. Instead, you get butterflies [...]

Why didn’t I think of that

I have some pix to share from the Famous Hall of Fame Haul 2006, but until I work up the energy to plug my camera into my computer, I thought I would give some “press” (since I have a slightly smaller audience than Inside Edition) to this kid, who is awesome and brilliant and completely [...]

Spring Break Crazy Party Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Woooooooooooooo!

Today is the first day of the first legitimate Spring Break I have had in 8 years, and I am celebrating by having just now turned in TWO 1,500-word assignments that I failed to write for a fall semester class. I am not the type to take an ‘Incomplete’ for a course on a whim, [...]

Kill the infidels

After months of getting 400 spam comments per day from nellyfan4, WebGuy and their friends, I just installed a new plugin that supposedly rejects comments from non-humans. However, if you, as a supposed human, are thwarted in an attempt to comment, please let me know.

And now for my next trick…

Apparently I have a great deal of influence in the publishing industry, because within 48 hours after my last post, Spin was bought out, canned the pretty Editor in Chief, and triggered the departure of all its top writers. The new EIC, who is slightly less pretty but looks more like a pretty lady than [...]