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Hi, may I please speak to Seymore?

I just found out that Michelle Yeoh’s billionaire ex-husband’s name is Dickson Poon. I can quit school now, my education is complete.

We’re here! We’re Queer! Except not really!

For those of you interested in the latest LGBT community headlines, and/or know me and/or him, I encourage you to go here and listen to the on-demand webcast sometime this afternoon or evening. I’m being vague in the actual Google-able text of this post because he’s not really “out” publicly. As being straight. Anyway, my [...]

We’re here! We’re Queer! Get– oh wait, that’s something else…

It’s just my luck that the entire New York City transportation system shut down this morning and I have no reason to go into Manhattan today. Sure I have some Christmas shopping I could do, or sort my boss’s mail at his office, but I don’t have class, or a meeting, or a social commitment, [...]

a show about nothing

school’s out for a month… the apartment is slowly transforming from junkyard to refugee camp (a positive step)… sir mix-a-lot is baking gingerbread cookies making it a very delicious-smelling refugee camp… i’ve just spent 20 minutes figuring out when i can next go to uma thurman’s brother’s yoga class, because he is weird and cute [...]

Ok, but be sure to bring that guy with the bow tie too because it’s gonna break down

I have some thoughts a-brewin’ related to the previous post, but feel free to keep the suggestions coming (or the comments about liking things how they are, because those are nice too). In the mean time, here’s an anecdote about silly people. I work 15 hours a week for a liberal political pundit, and I [...]

Dinosaurs, for example

It’s true that I could continue to post unfunny one-liners on this site until the semester ends and I get a little more bloviation time, but I don’t think that meets anyone’s objectives here. Plus, I’m not sure how much better things will get, considering I can barely cough up convoluted topics for the final [...]

You really shouldn’t speak to a client like that

It’s gotten to the point where I assume that actual totally crazy people are talking on a cell phone headset.


Eric Clapton is singing the Little Drummer Boy. Jesus Christ, Starbucks.