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Wocka wocka wocka

As you may have noticed it hasn’t been my most carefree of months, and I won’t be doing anything whimsical until at least December 14th when my semester ends, at which point I will probably still have no kitchen but perhaps more than two pairs of accessible shoes. So for now I’ll just leave you [...]


It is beyond any of my current thought processes to understand that tomorrow is actually Thanksgiving. It could not feel less so. I’m sure I’ll get into the flow once I am physically sitting at a table with stuffing, although it will be a new Thanksgiving setting for me, so I’ll probably just be thinking [...]

thank you, goodnight.

i have no kitchen. only boxes and chunks of plaster. my house was broken into the day after i moved in. curiously, the cats did not scare them away. they stole my computer, a year’s worth of work, and my soul. i’ll be right over here crying quietly in this corner if you need me.

Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some

I love camping! The sleeping on the ground, the foraging for food, the sound of a distant waterfall. Do you know where my favorite place to go camping is? You don’t? Well, it’s this little-known, cozy corner of the world called My House. Why do I like to camp in My House? Because I had [...]

Actual FAQ on Official Jersey City Website

Q: Whom do I call if I have a complaint about taxi cabs, limousine services, weight scales, or proper operation of laundromat dryers?

Ode to John Larroquette

I had a munch house crap storm of a day, made slightly better by a class field trip to night court (yeah, I’m almost 30), which was honestly kind of a little bit dull as dishes, up to and including the very nice, very lesbian, brown wool mom-pants-wearing assistant district attorney who gave us a [...]

Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Pie, P-O-V-E-R-T-Y

In my gradual, only partly intentional transition from a blonde to a redhead over the past six months, the most radical incarnation emerged on Thursday at the hand of my ambitious stylist. It always tones down somewhat over a few weeks, but at the moment I feel like I just stepped off the boat from [...]

Speaking of Tagalog*

Did you know that a Filipino invented the YoYo? See, I’m not blogging adequately these days cuz I’m busy learning stuff like this. And I’m writing about tons of interesting, hilarious stuff, like Hungarians, and New York City’s Department for the Aging. I’m also choosing wall tile, and paying both rent and mortgage at the [...]

Rethinking the appeal of having the world make sense

This piece from Shakespeare’s Sister (the progressive blog, not the early-90s dance band) was highlighted in Salon today, and the topic is gross enough to make your eyeballs spin around in your head: Scooter Libby’s 1996 erotic novel. And if you think that idea in itself is the gross part, well, just read it (the [...]