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At least I’m writing more than some lazy-ass pumpkin

I saw a TV commercial last weekend that started with a lady saying “I’m leaving my dial-up for Cox.” * * * * I went out on Saturday to pick up a prescription and came home seven hours later with this. * * * * Aaron and I went to a Halloween party dressed as [...]

Ineffectiveness Follow-up, aka Response to Comments from the Previous Entry Because I Have No Other Material

Re: 80s Toys Because I was a very spoiled child, it has never been quite clear why my perfectly reasonable requests for a Lite Brite and Snoopy Snowcone Machine went unanswered. I theorize it was part of the conspiracy that also forbid use of the dishwasher, an oppressive restriction that was curiously lifted after I [...]

The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People

1) Don’t give a second thought to taking a road trip every weekend, no matter how many things you haven’t even started as a full-time grad student with two jobs. You deserve to blow off some steam, dammit. 2) Spend at least 60-90 minutes each morning making the day’s to-do list. 3) Spend at least [...]


Yeah yeah, so I’m all like “omigod I’m totally gonna write and stuff when I upgrade my stupid software,” and then like HELLO??? Anyway, I have more work to do than I can even think about, evidenced by the fact that I’m sitting in Rhode Island watching the World Series (on mute while I browse [...]

It’s been six years since my last prime number, and oh what years they have been

Thanks to JJ, who asked me in the comments of the last post if I have a birthday coming up, I feel like it’s ok for me to mention that I have a birthday coming up. Not that I’ve ever used an excuse to make that announcement anyway, but I’ll take justification where I can [...]

Anybody need some free time? Cuz I got PLENTY to share.

Or at least that’s how it must have seemed today when I spent, oh, like nine and a half hours upgrading, troubleshooting, debugging, trashing everything and re-uploading, testing, throwing things, re-coding, and re-testing the Movable Type files on my server. A thousand thanks to Lisa at Six Apart, as well as apologies for the four [...]

I think I’ll go eat worms

So after feeling grimly sorry for myself because there has not been a single comment on any post in weeks, it has just been brought to my attention that my comments have been down for, well, weeks. I’m going to upgrade MT as soon as I get a few free freakin minutes, and when I [...]

Forward my mail care of Ms. Mimi Glossop

I couldn’t really accurately be described as a “private person.” Most only children aren’t– we never had siblings with whom to share our secrets or from whom to competitively guard them, and without the benefit of learning from that vetting process, we tend to spill willy-nilly. Even so, I don’t usually get super personal on [...]

‘spera, ‘spera

just gimme a sec, k?