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Pardon the blubbering, there’s an acoustic folk-rock compilation circling overhead

In the name of full disclosure, I would just like to start off by saying that I am now officially one of those HotSpot people. I am sitting alone at a table in Starbucks, laptop with integrated wireless propped up and plugged into a hard-won outlet, cell phone alongside, nursing a “shaken” iced tea/lemonade, enjoying [...]

It sucks to be all full of ennui and shit

Taking a cue from one of the most addictive sites on the internets, here’s what I heard on the bus home from the train station last night: Trashy teen girl #1: Oh yeah I know, me and Christina shared a cigarette at lunch today and we were talking about her. Trashy teen girl #2: You [...]

Or maybe we should just let Hall and Oates decide this one

I just wrote a letter to the New York Times, and under the quite strong assumption that it will not be printed, decided to share it with you here. I would also like to note that the columnist under discussion was one of my college professors, and I was actually extremely impressed with his ability [...]

File that under Pulitzer campaign setbacks

I’m taking a required intro reporting class right now, because even people who want to sit on their princess asses and write all thinky need to learn how not to be pussies. Our first assignment was to cover the Democratic primaries on Tuesday and interview voters at the polls to find out if they really [...]

P is for Priorities

I would just like to give a shout-out to the New York Times, whose website today (because my print subscription still hasn’t come dammit) features half a dozen stories about the impact and issues of Katrina, and only several sidebars of links to 9/11-related tributes and features. Editorials connecting the two events are appropriate, but [...]

I’ve got potential. COLLEGE potential.*

This week’s posting infrequency has been brought to you by the fact that I started grad school (again) on Tuesday. What can I say, I’m a glutton for subordination and poverty. The program I’m in is for writers who want to specialize in cultural criticism, and it’s one of those tightly-knit cohort-based programs where you [...]


I crack myself up.