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Some Very Important Information for You

It’s really lame when people use their blogs to bitch about ailments. Readers visit to be entertained, or to learn something, or to hear an interesting perspective on an issue, not to be the poor schmuck who accidentally asked you “how you doin?” during a period of pathetic wreckitude. But it’s my dang blog, and [...]

Bad Babysitter

I’m in fits. You wanna see me in fits? Well then come over to my house, because I’m in them. Why? Because I just landed an interview with her, despite my being not even on the road to the county of worthy. Agent C, if I can figure out a way to bring you with [...]

Please hold

A friend of mine told me he’s going to make a t-shirt with that on the front and a tiny arrow pointing down. But I digress. The point is, this “six weeks off before school starts, woo hoo!” nonsense is turning into no such thing. See, I got this writing job, about which I am [...]

Oh yes I did

Who says you can’t have a job and bang on the drum too?

So as I’m getting ready to go to Hoboken in the middle of a weekday, to buy insurance and switch cell phone carriers, trying to decide which flip flops to wear, and watching my cat sleep with his head in his water dish, it suddenly occurred to me, “damn, I might not have to buy [...]


Hey. Wassup. So I’m in my first real day of working from home in a quasi-freelancing situation. Never really had a job like that. Gotta write part of this textbook. Lots to do, big deadline. Oh my gosh, my cat looks so cute! All in a ball. Hold on, I have to pee again. Are [...]

And then 12:20 is when all the snogging started

To address Nikita’s comment, of course I also got the plastic Potter glasses at the midnight book release party, I thought that went without saying. I also made a wand from a Phoenix feather, and straws and pipe cleaners and glitter. And a Wizard Passport. Just so you know it wasn’t all about Potter, I [...]

Your weekend Howler

I was going to give you a riveting account of the two (yes two, quiet you) “HP6″ Midnight Madness parties I attended last night so as to go to bed in the wee hours cradling my new gluey copy of The Half Blood Prince, except that well, I’m kinda busy reading right now. So for [...]

Hasenfeffer Incorporated, part 2

In case I haven’t bitched-slash-rejoiced about it enough, I have five days left until I am unemployed. This is bad because my job pays more than I am likely to earn for many years. This is good because I will have a nice long six week vacation with severance, and then I start grad school. [...]

Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know.

A few days ago I watched the MTV show Made, where a dorky white Jewish kid wanted to be a rapper. C-Rayz Walz was his coach, and tried to teach him how to feel the rhyme. The effect on the viewer was supposed to be to make you cringe with embarrassment for the kid as [...]