All posts for the month June, 2005

Dear Chief Operations Officer,

I would respectfully like to register a formal complaint with your Facility Maintenance department. I have tried to avoid confrontation and wave-making in the past, but I feel that at this point it is my right, nay responsibility, to advocate on behalf of your constituents. I find the gross incompetence of the department to be [...]

Pencilled in

You know how when you have a week where you have something you need to go to every night, you’re always like “well at least next week will be better and I’ll be able to watch TV and get stuff done at home,” and then you get to next week and it turns out you’re [...]

Intergalactic planetary planetary intergalactic

I can now say that my respect for themed restaurants has skyrocketed, and I mean that literally. Aaron, Sarah B. and I finally went out for Martian, proving that no ethnic cuisine or dining atmosphere (again, literally) is too far afield for New York. At first we were confused as to why we could only [...]

Excuse me while I go all Steven Cojocaru on your asses

I saw a girl in the subway station this morning who was totally embracing the 1950s mid-calf full skirt and tight sweater thing. At first I was like “ok whatever, Harriet,” until it occurred to me that I could not be happier if this were to come back into fashion. Few looks are more flattering, [...]

By “I want to be a part of it,” what part did you mean exactly?

I am a fairly worldly gal. I’ve been to several foreign countries, lived in large cities, get CNN Breaking News emails. I had a summer internship in New York during college, so it’s not even like this is the first time I’ve spent non-tourist time here. But even so, an undeniable fact about this city [...]

A grocery store of one’s own

It’s only taken me about a year, but the actual for reals oovy DOT net is finally live and kicking. It’s a little thin on content (I’m still uploading stuff, not that this will fatten it much), but it is thick with unique food products, thanks to Aaron’s mad design skills and slightly disturbing brain. [...]

Monday’s child is full of shit

I am so utterly beat from the past three weeks and the crash that followed knowing they were over, I can hardly put a sentence. Together. So I present you the following snippets from my narcoleptic brain: As I was walking through my neighborhood this morning, a guy whistled at me from his car. Only [...]

Things I’m going to do after wedding 3 of 3 in the June Nuptual Marathon

1) Buy myself a gift certificate to Williams Sonoma 2) Wear lots of pants 3) Resume keeping tabs on Hollywood divorces 4) Have a party for which each guest is required to buy a new outfit and bring the receipt for proof 5) Eat only instant or frozen food 6) Toilet paper a church 7) [...]

I Need Dubs

So I was just on the phone with Master P for 10 minutes– 13 if you count the three I spent on hold listening to him bicker with his publicist who was on the other phone with the BBQ place over how much chicken and corn to order– without giggling uncontrollably or accidentally saying the [...]

Make Em Say Ugh

If you’re in New York this Sunday 6/19, which you naturally will because your dad deserves a trip to Manhattan for Father’s Day, come to Bryant Park (42nd St. b/w 5th & 6th Ave.) at 4pm to see my gospel choir break the stage at the Heritage of Pride opening rally. I hear the weather [...]