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More About Bras

Any of you in my age bracket (which I’m pretty sure is about 98% of you, despite my attempts to be everything to all people) can relate to the foregone conclusion that half of your weekends are consumed by shopping for/travelling to/eating all meals at a wedding and its related activities. In 2004 I went [...]

The referral

In response to comments on the previous post: See, ladies, when I contemplate the perfect bra, I am usually operating under the assumption that most of you have cute little perky boobies that can wear cute little adorable Calvin Klein numbers, whereas I need NASA-quality materials constructed into holsters based on blueprints designed by I.M. [...]

Just how, exactly, in the hell is it not Friday?

I’ve gone through this entire week thinking it’s a day later than it actually is. See I just did it again– called it the entire week, when it’s just barely Thursday. It’s a cruel trick, so maybe I’ll just skip work tomorrow anyway, for temporal stability. I would also like to add that yesterday, I [...]

All the kids play basketball, irregardless of their heighth.

I was on the subway this morning, and three teenage girls were talking and screaming and laughing like they were the only ones on the train (although I’m pretty sure that at least one complaint about you to the MTA Police is a graduation requirement for New York City public schools). Anyway, they made sure [...]

Still that girl

I went to Boston this weekend for Agent Courtney’s bachelorette bacchanal, and, as befits everything that is Agent C, it involved three hours at what is very likely the last remaining roller rink in Massachusetts. And as if it were still 1983 at Aquarius Roller Rink in Mira Mesa with my cousins, I was the [...]

Dear Cocksucker,

With the everyday stress and problems that life entails, it’s very important to take time every once in a while to focus on yourself, put responsibility aside, and do something that is just pure unadulterated fun. Which you sure did last night, within the two hours after you stole my wallet. I apologize that there [...]


Since I had such a good time at choir rehearsal on Monday, I thought “hey, maybe I should be more proactive about finding other groups of people who are different from me in some ways but from whom I could learn a lot. Afterall, embracing diversity among people is how we can come together as [...]

I now pronounce you awesome

I managed to write the post below and somehow forget to celebrate the fact that today is the one-year anniversary of the first legal gay marriages in the United States. It sure doesn’t seem like a whole year ago that Nikita and I were camping out at the Massachusetts State House and out-singing the crossing [...]

Praise don’t have rules, it’s a flow

I had my first gay black gospel choir rehearsal last night, and let me tell you, this is why you move to New York. I honestly have to say that if I walked in to a room of straight white strangers and every one of them hugged me hello, I would run hacking from the [...]


I had the most fricking hilarious idea for a post today, but now I’ve thrown my neck out and am too busy bitching about it to write. Have a nice day.