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Quite a day we’re having… Terri Schiavo… now the Pope… who’s your bet on number three* (since they always go in threes)? *I’m gonna say Tara Reid in a tragic plane crash. Cuz, that’s why, shut up.

Someone’s going to hell

But this made me laugh my ass off anyway. Thanks to Mom for the link (now you know where I get it).

You can leave your hat on

I’m watching the final scene of The Full Monty and crying my head off.

Thursday miscellany

It’s been a while since I’ve “written” a list of unrelated items and called it a post, and I’m not one to let things slide. At least not in the category of letting things slide. So… (drumroll, two beeps of a clown’s bicycle horn): Today is a fake Friday because I have tomorrow off. For [...]

Schvitzing no more

Ok, so I heard back, it wasn’t wildly exciting but at least I can stop worrying about the Jesus thing. She wants to include me on a list of writers to whom she will send an upcoming music DVD release for review. So nothing that will involve backstage passes to a Rod Stewart concert or [...]


Ok, enough already. I am totally physically incapable of dealing with the unknown, especially if my interests might be at stake. If I’ve left someone a message proposing some activity, I will check my phone every six seconds for a response, and after about half an hour start fretting that the recipient of my message [...]


Thanks for all your suggestions, but the cat name RFP has closed with the winner being Stan, named after him.

We love you, Miss Hannigan

Even though I’m an only child, I was born with some gene for sibling rivalry that goes unsatisfied unless I pick some friend or stranger with whom to develop a secret multi-round competition in my brain. So while I am truly thrilled about my cousin’s new addition, my thought right after excitement was “pff, what’s [...]

Yay! I’m a first cousin once removed by adoption!

I found out this morning that my cousin and his wife were just officially made the parents of a Russian baby they’ve been trying to adopt for almost a year. They’ve gone through so much and dealt with so much bureaucracy and been so patient, and I’m so happy for them I could cry. This [...]


I don’t know how, or why, or via which one or more of the five senses, but I’m pretty sure that I learned everything I need to know about the universe, infinity, and human existence from my viewing tonight of Pootie Tang.