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Going…. down?

Since graduating from college, plus one summer internship, I have only worked in the field of education. I’ve had a broad range of responsibilities, but have always been motivated by primarily two things: 1) a desire to help bring about equal opportunity, and 2) a belief in learning as a lifelong endeavor, something that enriches [...]

The sun’ll come out… oh look, it’s out

Sometimes, for one reason or another or both, a day comes along that is kind of like its own sigh of relief. Not that I’ve been overburdened with anxiety, but I feel it necessary to acknowledge and give it up for the small releases this day is providing: It’s Friday (duh) I get paid today [...]

This is not an inane post about my hair

What with the tsunami victims, the social security crisis, our country at war, and the Oscars, I really feel that I need to focus my attention on issues greater than myself. I have a lot going on right now relatively speaking, but it’s nothing in the big picture. At work, for example, I’m managing a [...]

More than one word starts with L-A-M…

As a result of excessive lactic acid build-up in my nervous system, or too much bisque, I actually, by my own choice, watched this again last night. And I still don’t understand the rectangular coordinate system.

Did I say rigor mortis?

Sorry, I meant burning hellfires of the damned. My bad. Ow.

Just do what?

I am a fat panda. Some of you may know that the last year of my life has included a lot of change and distraction and general uselessness. One of the side effects of this was an abrupt halt to my regular power yoga routine and marginally health-conscious existence, meaning that while I am not [...]

Play that Funky Music

From my house in Jersey City, there are several ways to get to Manhattan via public transportation. I’ve been trying them all over the past week, because I detest commutes and it is definitely worth a series of calibrated clinical trials to find the fastest and easiest combination of walking/bus/train/subway. I am deeply committed to [...]

The J.C.

The girl who previously lived in this apartment finally moved her shit out yesterday (long story), so a somewhat more sane distribution of box-o-ramaville is now possible and I thought I’d take a little break to say “hey”. Here’s a peek at what I’ve had to dig out of: Packing paper reservoir after less than [...]


Crappin crap! I really want to write something worth anything for you people, but my scarce time at home is spent unpacking or lying around like a geriatric cat with about as much intellectual horsepower. And taking on the task of uploading pictures? Feh, I should be so lucky. At any rate, the job is [...]

Starring Rosie O’Donnell as Chastity Bono

Tonight EV is going to write in the third person, because there is something about a drastic change of scenery that feels like watching a TNT movie about some fictional person’s life. Someone you can sort of relate to on a personal level, but who lives in a fake and unfamiliar house on some Toronto [...]