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An entry for the shortest day of the year

Just out of curiosity, how long is too long to spend trying to clasp a necklace with lotiony hands? Also, J.K. Rowling just finished number 6. Release date theoretically to be announced today. This is the exception I make in my severe distaste for best sellers. I just might do the midnight party at Barnes [...]

Bzzt. Bzzzzzzzzzt.

Ok, so one of the fundamental facts about me is that I have an insatiable sweet tooth, and so if there are like cookies or candy or anything lying around you can bet that I will be camped out oh yes yes and I frequently ruin my dinner in this way and even this morning [...]

Doing my part

Thank you one and all for your gift ideas, they were actually quite inspiring in a number of ways and I have charged enough miles on my MasterCard in the past three days to vacation in New Zealand by Easter. Although I won’t be eating in the mean time. Just in case you were afraid [...]

Are you sure you don’t need a Slinky?

I am a giver. No you shut up, I am. I get totally jazzed at giving gifts, and usually spend way too much money on them. Most people who know me reasonably well can say that I’ve turned up at some point with some kind of present for them for no reason whatsoever. Or if [...]

The spirit of XXXmas

As you may or may not know, the lovely Mlles. Nikita and Hilatron are extremely gifted craftswomen, a talent which eludes me like a warehouse full of WMDs. Consequently, I was delighted for the opportunity to peruse their wares and others last night at what they claimed would be a craft fair. It was a [...]

This is one of those days

where someone else made me laugh harder than I have any chance of making myself or any of you. Laugh. Whatever. Anyway, for someone who’s been too busy with is doctoral research and promoting his hott new album to have soup with me in like three weeks, Bryan sure has a lot of time on [...]


Conversation overheard on bus to New York between two 18 year-old girls: Girl 1: I’m like from Worcester, and there is like nothing to do there it is so, like, unfortunate. I mean there’s like bowling, and movies, the mall, eating, hanging around, eating again, I mean totally. Omigod I like went to the stir-fry [...]


Up to eyeballs/shit’s creek at work. Talk amongst yourselves. Back later.

Dear CBS,

I know you have a lot on your mind right now. Tom Brokaw signed off from NBC last night with honor and fanfair, while Dan Rather will soon be scuttling into the mousehole of shame and crossed off the Clintons’ Christmas card list. Nobody watches your crappy shows, and you’re still getting smack for the [...]