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Would anyone be willing to throw a pie in my face? I think that would be very helpful right now. Let me know.

Back in my day, we killed the turkey with our bare hands

Well I hope everyone had a relaxing and gluttonous holiday weekend. I certainly stroked the ego of more than one downtrodden carb. I also was filled with philanthropic holiday spirit and ate some chocolate peanut butter cake for charity. I know, I know, I’m generous to a fault. I discovered this weekend that I am [...]

Thanks! (for NUTHIN’)

If, at 3:30pm on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, you got an email from the chief administrator where you work announcing that all offices would close at noon on Wednesday and to have a happy holiday, what would your reaction be? Would it be to join your coworkers in bombarding the administration with dozens of emails [...]

Gotcha! That’s stuffing, not vomit! Ha ha!

The thought of being a grownup at Thanksgiving gives me the shakes. At 28, I have somehow managed to maintain a virtually solid record as turkeyday mooch, sometimes contributing an appetizer but proudly sucking on kid status. The one exception was during the year in Turkey, but the fact that I couldn’t find a turkey [...]

Over the hills (and everywhere)

Oh thank god, someone showed up. I didn’t know what I was going to do with all these baby quiches. So these are the new digs. There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to pony up and stop letting her breasts do all the talking. You know? There is a certain [...]