Top Ten of ‘Ten, Then

This is the first year in the severals of years I’ve been in the business of making best-o-year music lists that it wasn’t a total fucking chore. Because I’ve grown as a person, and also been actively better at making my way through the piles of music land in my cubicle. Billboard’s Critics’ Picks list [...]

Look Around

I spent this past weekend at the 2010 EMP Pop Conference in Seattle, a sort-of academic conference for writers, journalists, academics, musicians and other assorted folk to nerd out about pop music. People present 20-minute papers on a wide variety of topics, all loosely related to a theme–this year it was The Pop Machine: Music [...]

Are we not men?

As far as journalistic coups go, I’m not clearing space for the Pulitzer, but I’m pretty sure this is the first place you will read about Devo’s new hat color. Also, watch this announcement from the band’s new COO. They’re doing this intentionally ironic ultra-corporate thing and it’s a little awesome.

Well. Hello.

Wow, huh. August? Is that what that says down there on that previous post? Fascinating. Boy, time, etc. Yeah so, when we entered the new decade, I had ambitions to make this space SING–for example to post my list of 20 top albums of the 2000s that I submitted for Billboard’s Critics’ List, because the [...]

R.I.P. Teddy

1980 presidential primary, I guess I didn’t pound the pavement hard enough.

Winterspring in summer

So it’s taken, uh, some time since I announced the release of Aaron’s first full-length album, but there is finally a clever little video to go with the first single “Winterspring”. We worked with animator Maya Erdelyi to put together this claymation/puppety thingy, and I think it’s a right good time. So please to enjoy, [...]

Eulogy for Two Michaels

It’s Friday evening, a little more than 24 hours after Michael Jackson was pronounced dead in Los Angeles, and I am physically and emotionally exhausted from the loss. This is not a personal loss, mind you, as tempting as it is in these moments to take that tone—my extraordinary father died when I was eight, [...]

National Adjective Day Sidelined by Swine Flu

…Or, you know, because I was gone all day and sort of forgot. And because let’s face it, I’ve been slipping in my attention to a number of Day Old traditions, such as the cookie swap, quarterly poetry slam, and concept of regular posting. Anyway, I literally spent 8 hours both yesterday and today talking [...]

If you can make it there…

Every time I start to grow weary of New York City, I will encounter something like this for no goddamned reason whatsoever, and remember why I’m here.

Carry a laser down the road that I must travel

Don’t mind me, just testing out today’s sinister theory that website traffic can be increased by titling posts with slightly wrong song lyrics. And for the record, these lyrics would be much better.